Outer Space Exiles-It’s a Dirty Job, but Someone’s Gotta Do It

Crooked Rocket Studios is a two-man game studio run by Steven – aka “smas”, 3D Engine, AI, and network code developer –  and Ivailo – aka” procopy”, modelling, texturizing, user interface, and mouse cursor designer. Fun fact: Steven and Ivailo have never met. Cool, right? Read more about it on their About Page

Imagine This: Earth is nothing but chaos and can no longer sustain the human population because all resources are completely exhausted. The Global Government decides to start reducing the population by sending the least desirable inhabitants into space. Equipped with nothing but survival kits and the ship they are forced to leave on, criminals, chronically sick, poorly educated, and poorly skilled people are launched into space.

By doing this, the Global Government can go through with their plan to crossbreed the remaining population of healthy, intelligent, and talented beings with the goal of creating a generation that will eventually save the human race. Interestingly enough, their plan seems to work.

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Flash forward 50 years into the future. The Global Government has their super army of explorers who are ready to launch into space and fulfill their destiny as the last hope for mankind. Tears can be seen in the eyes of mothers and fathers as they watch, chests swelling with pride and hearts filled with anticipation, as the last ship vanishes into the clouds and they celebrate their achievements by sipping scotch and playing Charades… Ok, so I may have ad libbed that last part, but the plot is intriguing and I couldn’t help myself.

With the faith of everyone on their home planet as a shield, the prodigies of Earth search out distant galaxies taking out everything and everyone in their path until they find the perfect planet and they save the human species. Right? Right! Just kidding, that’s wrong. That’s definitely wrong. And super unrealistic because faith does nothing to stop a barrage of spaceship ammo to the face.

Why isn’t that the way the story goes, you ask? Because that game would be boring. And suck. Like…alot. No worries, though! Steven and Ivailo already knew that and steered Outer Space Exiles into a completely different direction. Un-Boring. Un-Suck. Only awesome.

Outer Space Exiles is played from the perspective of people who have a bone to pick with the current inhabitants of Earth. Why? Probably because those inhabitants condemned thousands of their own kind to an inevitable death and forgot about them. Awkward.

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Instead of perishing, the former convicts, diseased, mentally inferior, and untalented of Earth banded together to form a massive galactic force who holds an equally massive grudge. This is where the story telling ends and, in the words of Ivailo, “You come up as a player and join team badass”.

Outer Space Exiles is both a real time strategy and top-down-view colony building game. You play the role of Colony Manager and the undesirables are your people. You will need to research technologies and make decisions about the best use of your resources as your colony grows. There are also shops that sell items to the colonists so they can be well equipped to fight off the bad guys from Earth.

But, wait. If the people from Earth are the bad guys to the colonists and the colonists are the bad guys to the people from Earth, then are you a good guy or a bad guy? “We are tired of the pathetic bullshit about good guys fighting bad guys,” says Ivailo, “Since the whole model is totally corrupt, there are no good guys here.”

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The colonists will decide their own actions based on circumstances you choose. They can’t be directly controlled, but quests and bounties can be set for certain activities to convince the colonists to perform an action that you think is important. The AI engine, written in C#, is unique to Crooked Rocket Studios and currently being perfected by Steven. AI is a major part of the game and they wanted to have full control over how it worked therefore deciding to write the whole engine themselves.

Outer Space Exiles is also in the planning phase for a multiplayer part of the game. This will allow you to form trade chambers with other players and work together to unlock content and research items. Each trade chamber will work as an alliance and have a leader who makes the key decisions. Each trade chamber will compete for high scores allowing the multiplayer part to be an engaging experience where you can take a small break from the daily grind of enacting your timely revenge and chat with new friends.

Crooked Rocket Studios is only a two man team, but they are pushing their limits to have an Alpha released by autumn. They have plans for an IndieGoGo campaign in the summer and @BiasBear will have the latest news on when it launches.