#PowerTheIndie Stellar Alien-Watch Out Devs, Your Future is Here

Here’s a question for you: What were you doing when you were 14 years old? Hanging out with friends? Experiencing your first year of high school? 14 year old Max Polhill just successfully designed and launched his first game: Stellar Alien under Xavier Games where he plays the role of the designer, programmer, and developer.

Stellar Alien is a physics based game in which you play a character called a Starbli and help him get to a star before it turns into a red star. It sounds simple, but on each level are planets that have their own gravitational pull. If you get pulled into a planet, a life is lost and you have to start the level over again.

Not only does Max make awesome games, he writes cool blog posts on development, design, and other things nerds care about. According to his blog, he originally wrote Stellar Alien in HTML5, which isn’t natively supported by Android. To rectify this,he used a cloud-based compiler called CocoonJS that turns HTML5 games into hardware accelerated native applications. Max heard about CocoonJS at a local developer meet up (impressed yet?) in Seattle, Washington and found it to work perfectly for his game.

Stellar Alien is available on Google PlayGoogle Chrome, and Firefox giving players many options on trying it. I haven’t been able to find a way to contact Max, but hope to in the near future. He is a part of the growing group of young individuals that will shape the future of technology and games. I’m beyond impressed with what he’s been able to accomplish and can’t wait to see what he plans to do next.

Check out Max’s blog here.