#PowerTheIndie The Wooden Clock-Ion Force Studio

The Wooden Clock is a point and place game. You play a scientist who has awoken from a long hibernation without any kind of clue as to what’s going on. You are under the pressure of time and mystery. Death awaits you as every second passes.

You’ll have to use your brain and wits to solve this puzzle. There are no tutorials or hints. You are literally thrown in the middle of the story and common sense will turn out to be your best friend.

Ion Force Studio is a 2 person team that already has plans to make a sequel to The Wooden Clock based on feedback provided by the people who play it. The original has about an hour of game play, but they plan for the sequel to be 10 times as long with different levels and puzzles to solve.

This is their first official released game, but not the first game they’ve made. In December of 2012, Niteris was released and is based on a behavior model that increases the multitasking ability of pilots. Niteris was their chance to learn a new engine and they’ve perfected that ability with The Wooden Clock.

Be sure to visit the Ion Force Studio site to pick up your own copy of The Wooden Clock after July 1st and follow @BiasBear on Twitter for updates and news!