#PowerTheIndie Total Decay-A New Twist on an Old Classic

What do you get when you take turn based strategy, empire building, zombie survival, and mix it together into a game that you cannot win? Total Decay, of course.

Total Decay Cinematic Trailer – Indie DB
Total Decay, by Lunar Blast Interactive, takes a break from the onslaught of zombie first person shooters and requires players to think about how they will survive until the next day.

I stumbled upon Total Decay on IndieDB and, being a sucker for a zombie game – good or bad, checked it out. Immediately, I was reminded of Rebuild (one of my favorite PC to mobile games) and was excited to talk to the developers. Turns out, Total Decay is better than Rebuild. Uh, awesome.

I got the opportunity to talk to Schalk, the developer of Total Decay. Rebuild was one of the biggest influences along with George Romero’s Zombie movies, The Walking Dead, and Zafehouse: Dairies being responsible for how they shaped the survivor interaction.

The main purpose of the game is like normal zombie survival: scavenge for food and supplies, build defences, and stay alive. The twist in this zombie game is that it’s all turn based so you set all of the tasks to happen during the day and the events happen after these tasks are set in motion. Each task has a certain number of requirements and days to finish so proper planning will need to be done to make sure your survival camp isn’t left unguarded.

Each survivor will have unique motivations and skills. You will have a majority of control over them, but survivors will also have interactions between each other that are based on a dice roll of emotions. If survivors have negative emotions towards each other, there is a possibility that one might murder the other in the middle of the night. In the same kind of way, if a survivor hates themselves and the situation they are in, they may also choose to commit suicide.

A cool little aspect that Lunar Blast Interactive has added are random events. There could be zombie outbreaks inside of the compound because somebody hid their infection or a small horde could break down one of the less protected areas of the wall. There is even the possibility of a zombie zoo where zombie cage fights might take place to boost morale but also might lead to zombies being loose within the compound. There are an assortment of ideas the devs are throwing around and they all sound awesome.

The original beta release was scheduled for sometime in May, but that has been pushed back to sometime in mid June. Lunar Blast Interactive hopes to have the game released by the end of July, and I’m hoping they do too. You can follow the Total Decay IndieDB page for the latest news and follow @BiasBear on Twitter for updates on Total Decay.