Preview: Motte Island

Corib3ar: Goddam it. I will cry if it’s scary
Basher: Its top down haha. How scared can you get?

Ten minutes later, I jumped out my freaking seat. Motte Island made me eat my words. Taking place on Motte Island, you play as Maxi. Dreams of your sister’s calls have you running back to this once beautiful place to save her. Or so you think. Something has come over the island. It is far from beautiful anymore. It is up to you to find your sister, save her, and put this eerie place behind you.

Right off the bat, a tone is set. Something is not quite right. With you or your surroundings. And to make thing more complicated. Maxi is not shaping up to be a good guy. The story starts off with many questions. Which makes for a good mystery. The atmosphere is dark and cold. Maxi is alone here, but he seems capable. And willing to go to extreme lengths to save the one person he cares about.

The sound pops so raindrops and footsteps overshadow the background music. This makes you aware of every step you make, ever enemy near, and makes you jump when danger comes from nowhere. Add to that a cold yet rich art style and it all comes together to make an ominous presence at all times.

It is astonishing to get this look and feel in a 2D, top down RPG. Combat is bloody and brutal. Maxi is very familiar with violence and not scared to use it. Adding depth to the combat is the stealth mechanic. There is no forced crouching sections. Instead, the developers gave you an option to plan out attacks from behind enemies. Going slow and thinking out your next attack is wise and will save your life. But don’t expect to hold on to life for long. There is much more to worry about than just patrolling humans. What lies in the darkness is hell bent on ripping you to pieces. The question is no longer if Maxi has what it takes to save his sister. But rather, does his sister need saving at all?