One Finger Death Punch Gets Two Thumbs Up

One Finger Death Punch is so unique and simple that it makes for a really great game. Armed with a mouse and the clicking you can do with it, you fight through hordes of bad guys.

Don’t let the simplistic controls fool you. This game takes requires concentration and the ability to be quick on your feet-or fingers.

Silver Dollar Games

You don’t move in One Finger Death Punch, you wait for the enemies to come to you. Once the enemy steps in the grey area, you hit either the right or left mouse button to attack. To top it off, each attack is accompanied by an enthusiastic yell/grunt/oof/what have you. Sounds easy right?

It’s not. Silver Dollar Games have gone the extra mile to make sure you don’t button mash to win One Finger Death Punch. If you click your mouse before an enemy is in the grey area, you open yourself up to attack and lose a health bar. If you die because of button mashing, you’ll get either some guy pretending to be Asian or an actual Asian guy who will yell at you about button mashing. So don’t mash those buttons. It’s not worth it, trust me.

There are a few different enemies to attack as well as boss fights that mostly just confused me. Along the way, you’ll also pick up powers to help defeat the bad guys. Your powers are activated by different occurrences in the game. Powers also add to the colorful display of ass-kicking on the screen.

For only a dollar at the sale, this is one of those gems worth picking up. Even at the normal price of $1.99, you’re getting your money’s worth so head over to Desura and pick up your own copy.