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Shadowrun Returns-Mercenaries, Magic, & Myth. Oh My.

Shadowrun Returns, by Harebrained Schemes, is a turn-based strategy role-playing game also known for being one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in 2012 raising over 1.8 million dollars.

My first impressions were pretty positive as I made my way through the tutorial. It comes with character customization options as well as different classes for those of us who like to make choices. It really gets you ready to step into a world full of strippers and crooked cops.

Harebrained Schemes

The graphics are pretty sweet for a top-down point and click. I have to give a  huge kudos to Harebrained Schemes for making a dirty town look beautiful. They managed to take streets full of prostitutes, hobos, and crime and add little glimmers of humor. I was especially fond of the lingo used by the characters. For some reason, it made the game a little more real. Everything is very cyberpunk and very aesthetically pleasing.

If you hate reading, you will hate playing this game. I take that back. If you give a shit about story lines and also hate reading, you will hate this game. Seriously, do yo’self a flava….and read the plot on the Wikipedia page. It’ll save a lot of time if you don’t like wading through paragraphs.

Beyond the novel Shadowrun Returns automatically comes with, the storyline is a pretty cool concept that reminds me a little of that disaster they call ‘Remember Me’. Call me crazy, but plots that revolve around abusing memories really gets to me. Probably because I tend to forget EVERYTHING all the time and I’m certain it’s a conspiracy.

Harebrained Schemes

Gameplay is not just your basic turn-based strategy game. Shadowrun Returns takes strategy and merges it with a skill tree that allows you to do more than order your troops to attack when convenient. Do you want to be an elven mage who can break into security systems but has no idea how to talk to people? Not a problem! Perhaps you’d rather be a close combat dwarf with the skills to summon the undead but can’t use a computer to save it’s life? Also, very doable. The character advancement in Shadowrun Returns has endless possibilities.

If you like a good turn-based strategy with a little twist, some family betrayal, lots of drugs, and great game play, you can find Shadowrun Returns on Steam.


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