List of Games and Developers Dedicated to Nepal Relief


Through May 24th, Bungie is selling T-Shirts to aid in relief efforts. All profits from T-Shirt sales will be donated to charities involved with the Nepal Earthquake relief. All Destiny players will also receive an in-game shader and an emblem.

All shirts are available in men’s, women’s, and youth at $25 across the board.

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EVE Online

CCP Games launched a “PLEX for good” campaign to accept donations. The campaign runs from May 1st until May 15th. For each PLEX donated, CCP will give $15 to the Icelandic Red Cross to fund their disaster relief efforts. Players of EVE Online will also receive 2 in-game T-Shirts as an added bonus.

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Codename Entertainment

Proceeds of in-game items from Codename Entertainment will be donated to charity. The Canadian government is also matching all donations to charity until May 25th so this one is a small company making a big splash.

Codename Entertainment Website


Oh, Sega. My youth calls upon me.

Sega has already donated a little less than $17 thousand towards relief and is matching in-game purchase amount on certain games.

These games include:


Until May 10th, Play-Asia will be donating $1 for every purchase made to the Hong Kong Red Cross. To make it even better, they will round up the final amount to the nearest 5k mark; meaning if 5001 is raised, they will donate 10k.

Play-Asia Website

Ubisoft Montreal

Due to the influence Nepal had on Far Cry 4, Ubisoft is taking donations on the Candian Red Cross website. They will also be matching up to $100,000 so, you know..go do some good in the world and donate with them.

Canadian Red Cross-Farcry Campaign