MicroGaming is Another Notch in the Belt of Death for Gaming

I am a die-hard gaming fan. I live and breathe games. I LOVE games to the point of paralysis. I will sit there and defend being a gamer to my death. I cannot sit back and watch the gaming community get cluttered by what is becoming known as ‘micro-gaming’.

Not to be confused with the casino-based company out of the UK, microgaming is new term given to games made for smartphone watches – mostly the Apple Watch Sport. This is a new type of game that you play on the watch. On the watch. The same watch that has to be within bluetooth distance of the phone to work properly. Does anybody else see anything wrong with that?

In a world where bigger screens, better graphics, more powerful processors define the gaming community, the next best thing is a 15 second game that you poke your wrist to play? People already are in a technology overload. Nobody knows how to get their noses out of their phones for 10 seconds to have a conversation with the person sitting across from them at the dinner table. Am I not supposed to be incredulous about seeing somebody on the subway staring at their wrist the entire time enthralled in some POS game that shouldn’t have been made in the first place?

Venturebeat released a list of 8 best Apple Watch games and I just don’t get it. 15 second baseball games, a Tamagotchi style game, a James Bond style game that plays in the background of your life – what is the pull, people?

I’m almost embarrassed for this new type of gaming. Not almost, I am. I’ve bit my tongue through microtransactions and the rise of Facebook game spam. But this….this is unreal. I’m hoping that this little bit of technology rises and falls flat on it’s face – as it should.