GoD Factory:Wingmen-Space Sim and MOBA Combine into Awesome

GoD Factory: Wingmen is currently in development and has recently launched their Kickstarter! Click here to support their project! It’s only $15 to pre-order the game-estimated for release March 2014. Spend a little more money and get a  bunch of other cool prizes ranging  from materials to use on a custom ship to designing your own planet. Show your support for Indie Games by donating to GoD Factory!

Steam Greenlight

GoD Factory: Wingmen is also in voting on Steam Greenlight! Make sure this game reaches the largest audience possible while ensuring you have the best multiplayer experience possible by voting Yes on Greenlight. You can also find more information on this game by checking out the Greenlight page. 

GoD Factory: Wingmen, by Nine Dots Studio is a Space Sim MOBA where 2 teams of 4 players go head to head with the objective to destroy the other team’s ship. by default, there are 4 ships for you to choose from, but each match you play gives you points towards customizing or creating your own ship. There will only be 1 game mode, but Nine Dots plans on implementing randomization of levels to give players a different experience every time they play.

I got the chance to experience GoD Factory: Wingmen first hand with Guillaume Boucher-Vidal (Founder, Nine Dots Studio) who took me through basic controls and explained the game in detail.

Nine Dots Studios

I had an amazing time. Hours upon days upon months have been put into this game. The hardest thing to get used to is the controls. Having to move on a third axis can throw you off. I spent the majority of my first 10-20 minutes just spinning in a circle in the corner of space while I tried to orient myself. Once I got used to the controls, the fun could finally start. One thing I was encouraged to do was play with a controller because it is optimized for a joystick.

Nine Dots Studios

Attacking the enemy’s ship is a lot harder than just flying to their side of the map and shooting. There are multiple areas to target on the ship. All of them, with the exception of the hull, regenerate health back over time so coordinating attacks with your team is highly encouraged. To even out the teams and manage the time of the game, each ship will fire at each other every 5 minutes doing definitive damage. Other factors that affect attacking include ammo, dodging enemies, and avoiding turret fire.

God Factory: Wingmen still has a long way to go and they are running out of funding. Contribute just a few dollars to their kickstarter, help Nine Dots Studio reach their goal, and pick up a cool game to surprise you next spring. Don’t forget to head over to Steam Greenlight and vote Yes to help this game reach the audience it deserves. And finally, follow @BiasBear on Twitter for the latest updates!