How to Fix the LoL Replay General Exception Warning Pop-Up

LoL Replay (League Replay) is a nifty little tool that saves every League of Legends game you’ve played so you can play it again later. LoLReplay gives you the option of watching in-game mode or spectator mode. Spectator mode is the snazzy featured streams you see when logging into the LoL client. If you want to video capture your game for editing, I recommend capturing the replayed video instead of during the game to cut down on processing power needed and avoid CPU lags that kill the whole team. Download it here.

When League of Legends comes out with a new patch, sometimes it takes a few days for LOL Replay to catch up and you’re unable to watch game replays. No need to panic, your games are still saved and will be available once LOLReplay is updated.

Are you getting this pop up when trying to replay one of your LoL games?

Warning: This replay is from a newer version of League of Legends than the version you currently have installed. Would you like to select a different League of Legends Directory?

And then this one?

A General Exception has occured!

Unable to find League of Legends.exe:

No worries! I’ve found a temporary solution to the problem.

The Superly-Fucking-Duper Solution to the Main Reason Why Your Life Sucks Right Now

Lol Replay

Open LoL Replay and go to My Replays. Right Click on the replay you want to watch. Click on Repair.

LoL Replay Bug

You will get this popup. Ignore it

LoL Replay Bug

You’ll get prompted again. Don’t worry about it and press yes. We’re all willing to take the risk. It’s the best game ever, thus far.

LoL Replay Bug

And Tada! It will change your replay version allowing you to relive your League of Legends Glory.