#IndieCadeEast 2014 Hands-On Exhibition Games Recap

IndieCade East 2014 has an exhibition portion that included games from Playstation, Oculus Rift, Facebook, among others. Here’s a quick recap on some of the games I got the chance to play and watch other people play.

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift hands down stole the show. The sixty seconds playing a space combat game (that I can’t remember the name but it doesn’t matter because the experience was awesome ) were the best sixty seconds I’ve had in a long time.  It doesn’t take a genius to realize this is the future of gaming and I commend them for working so well with indie devs. We’ve interviewed a few who have the developer kit and I’m really excited to see the true next generation in gaming.

Galak-Z is a physics based third-person combat fighter spaceship game thing developed by 17 bit studios. I originally saw this game at IndieCade during the Playstation and Friends panel at 11 o’clock in the FREAKIN morning. Which is early on a Saturday-I’m just sayin. This will be available on the Playstation and Windows and, from what I saw, is nothing special. I saw a boss that was pretty…well… boss, but not exciting. In retrospect, I could be a little biased bear since the people at the table were more interested in talking to some guy about nonsense and ignoring the people interested in the game. But who needs to promote when you already go to breakfast with Sony executives?

Hohokum is a bright and colorful game in which you play a space worm and…you pick people up! And take them somewhere! Since I happen  to hate cute things so much that I love them, I stood there watching people play it for longer than was necessary, I’m sure. Ultimately, my final say is that I don’t know if you can actually win this game. I think you fly around until you shoot yourself in the face.

Sports Friends is one of my favorites at the show so far.  Originally funded by Kickstarter, this looks like Playstation’s version of Wii Sports…only better. I had a fantastic time watching a couple play an interesting ball game in which both players had a long floppy stick (Yeahhhhh!) and tried to hit a ball on a string until the ball reached one of the goals. The hilarious part of it included the fact that you could also hit your opponent with the stick in an attempt to hinder their efforts to get the ball to their goal. Coming first to the PS3 and following on the Ps4 and PC, Sports Friends is a new kind of party game that’s sure to bring everyone together.

Octodad is the last one I feel is worth mentioning. I was originally going to do a complete review of Octodad, but I hated it so much that I never got past the first part of the game. I locked myself in a closet and didn’t have the coordination to get out. This, however, is not about me. I think the best part of seeing Octodad at IndieCade is that, while I may not like a game and think it’s completely stupid, other people can have the exact opposite reaction. With that being said, Octodad is better enjoyed when surrounded by people that can laugh at the amusing antics. Beyond that, I hate the fucking game, but I can at least respect you if you like it.

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