IndieRoyale Debut 11 Bundle Includes 99 Waves to Die

99 Waves to Die by Spookyfish Games is a dual stick shooter that reminds me of my favorite game to play while drunk: Geometry Wars. Each wave has a specific number of enemies you must kill before advancing to the next stage. It’s simple, but the game play is so fast and intense that it keeps you on your toes even from the very beginning. Already available on Ouya and Google Play, 99 Waves To Die is trying to dip their toes in the PC gaming world via Steam Greenlight.


Modeled after old school arcade games, 99 Waves to Die wants the player to have that feeling they got when their name climbed the leader boards on their favorite retro machines when they were a child. Did I get that feeling? No, not really. But then again, I don’t remember ever being a kid so it would have been difficult for me either way.

The game is pretty straightforward. You navigate, you shoot, wash, rinse, and repeat. There are upgrades that randomly pop up around level 10 to badass-ify the guns and you have the option to completely nuke the field with bombs you’re able to replenish.

The graphics aren’t great. Especially after playing the visual orgasm that is Geometry Wars. I lean towards graphics not being the biggest priority in a game, but something was definitely missing while I was playing. I understand that it’s supposed to be “retro” but if somebody has already done it better, then what’s the point in playing it? Maybe if there were more shiny things. I like shiny things.

Overall, the game isn’t as impressive as I hoped it would be. There was nothing there enticing me to start over again after I died. Even the enemies came off as rather bland. Their movements were very predictable. However, I only made it to level 19 before I got bored and quit the game so they might get better as the levels get harder.

All of the Debut 11 games are currently on Steam Greenlight awaiting votes of approval. 99 Waves to Die won’t be getting mine, but if you want to support the game, don’t forget to head over to Steam and vote “Yes”.

The Debut 11 Bundle also included:

  • Project Night
  • Spice Road
  • 8-bit Commander
  • Alchemy Mystery
  • Tropical Stormfront
  • TrapThem
  • Karboom

The Debut 11 Bundle will be available for another 5 days or so. As I report this, the price is less than 5 bucks. There will also be a 9th bonus game revealed…sometime in the near future.