Jagex to Host 24 Hour Gaming Marathon for SpecialEffect Charity

If you know anything about me, you’d know that Runescape was my first real relationship with a video game. It lasted a wonderful 7 years and I look back upon that time very fondly.

This is why I’m happy to promote their charity event, GameBlast, by SpecialEffect charity. SpecialEffect is dedicated towards helping the disabled get the opportunity to enjoy video games and other leisure technology. Their goals are beyond helping everyone have fun. They also “kick-starting rehabilitation, self-esteem and, most importantly, inclusion.”

The 24 hour gaming marathon, titled GameBlast and held at the Cambridge headquarters, will start at 1pm GMT on Friday February 21st. Participants include Jagex staff and select members of the community who will be playing Runescape and Ace of Spades during the marathon. Us regular people can watch the live event on the Runescape Twitch and Ace of Spades Twitch. There will also be special interviews and commentaries from the Jagex staff and Runescape development team during the event.

In addition to live streaming, there will be in-game events within Runescape during the marathon period including Double XP. They are also bringing back the Well of Goodwill for players to donate money along with a GameBlast tunic for their avatar. All proceeds from the Runescape purchases will be donated to charity while fifty percent of the proceeds from Ace of Spades will go.