July Feature: A Game a Day

The Steam Summer Sale brings out the worst in me. Hundreds of games available for dirt cheap prices? And not shitty games found in the bottom of a bargain bin at your local flea market. These are actual good, playable games.

Needless to say, I went kind of crazy this year. Crazy to the point that my debit card was shut off for suspicious activity because I was charging it multiple times a day to the same vendor. Crazy to the point that I have almost 200 games on my Steam account and I never even got around to playing the handful of games I bought at last years Steam Summer Sale.

I also took a small hiatus for a few months. Can you imagine not playing video games for months at a time? Life is miserable.

With that being said, something had to be done. I needed to make sure that these games didn’t go to waste and I needed to get back on track.

So, I have decided to play one games a day. I won’t necessarily finish them, and I might not even like them, but everyday for the next month,  one game is going to get a shot at entertaining me. To make sure that I’m held accountable, I’ll be reporting on each and every one of them.

This won’t be a regular boring review of games that came out 2 years ago, but more like a journey.  Along with my thoughts on the game there  will be a little information on the game, the devs, and publishers. I also plan on reviewing the reviewers, or something along those lines.

So yeah. Let’s do this.

July 1st – Brothers-A Tale of 2 Sons
July 2nd – Banished
July 3rd – Element4l
July 4th – Papers, Please
July 5th – Sanctum 2
July 6th – Long Live the Queen
July 7th – Ionball 2: Ionstorm
July 8th – Dust: An Elysian Tail
July 9th – 9.03m
July 10th – Storm