Kodak Playfull – Review on Shooting a Music Video

I recently shot a short video with a friend using the Kodak Playfull. I bought it for about 80 bucks, and I wanted it for a project that I never finished. I got it in light blue and I liked it because it was cheap and it was small. I also wanted something that was slightly better than a phone recorder while still being portable.

The camera claims to shoot in HD 1080p and that was a definite plus. It also had a mic gain option on it as well as on board visual effects like black and white and sepia. It has a small screen on the back so you can change settings and review any pictures or videos that you take. It doesn’t come with an SD card, but it has the slot for one as well as a USB port and an HDMI port so you can connect it directly to your television. It also has a built in USB to plug directly into your computer so you don’t have to deal with a cord as well as the option of shooting 60 frames per second in 720.

The camera was worth the money I paid for it and more. It doesn’t do well in low lighting, but out doors shots and other well lit scenes turned out to be almost perfect. Unfortunately, a lot of our shooting was low lighting so we had to compensate for that. It also seems to have a problem in artificial lightening meaning that sunlight was when it performed the best. It makes sense. I believe the camera is made more for outdoors shots and it was an inexpensive camera, so I can’t expect all kinds of perfection.

The recorder also fits on a normal tripod, so that made it easier for us to use it to shoot. It looked a little weird on top of such a big thing, kind of alien-like actually, but it worked out. It also has the ability to shoot pictures which come out about the same as the video would for any given scenario. It doesn’t have a flash, so that’s one thing that doesn’t make it better than a phone camera.

In conclusion, I would recommend this camera for somebody on a budget but still would like the ability to take good video during the day. Somebody doing a sport montage or getting outdoors footage is who this camera was made for. If you want to make movies or personal video memoirs, it would probably be best for you to spend a little bit of extra money on a nicer camera.