Far Cry 3-First Impressions, First Mission, & Other Basic Shit

The opening sequence of Far Cry 3 reminded me of Dead Island, which wasn’t a good sign. I am giving the game a shot, despite the fact I apparently play the biggest vagina on the island.


Green Plants: Health
Red Plants: Combat
Yellow Plants: Hunting
White Plants: Special

  • Kill animals to skin their hides and craft useful items such as a bigger wallet and an arrow quiver.
  • Collect Relics, Letters, and SD cards to gain insight into what happened on the island
  • You can buy maps that have the locations of useful items and loot
  • Kill anything that is red
  • Run around with the monkeys

First Mission:

You’re given the mission to take out a camp that you overheard on the radio one of your friends is being held captive at. Head towards the quest mark and walk in to start the mission.

This is pretty straight forward and easy.

  1. Kill them
  2. Don’t get killed
  3. The end

Your friend isn’t there, you have a new safe house, and a small part of the island is back in control of the Rayak. This also allows kind of marks the beginning of your game opening all of the other missions and cool shiz like that.


If you like Assassin’s Creed, Fallout, WoW,  Deer Hunter, and have, at one point, hoped you could play all of these games at once, then Far Cry 3 is the game for you.