Business Tycoon Online Review

I actually like Business Tycoon Online. It has a smooth interface with easy directions that lead you until you tell them to stop. The main objective of the game is to make a corporate empire complete with employees, stores, and drama. This is a classical RTS meaning that it’s “free to play” if you want to be below average. Spending money is an option, not needed, but if you want to get ahead in the game, it’s the only way.

There are different levels of stores you can get. Each of them opening once you upgrade your company level. When you first start out, you will get a store upgrade point every 2 hours. After 3 days, it will go back to a point every 4 hours. You can upgrade your regular stores to perfect which – so far – has needed 7 points to get to and 1 point less for each level less than that. Doing the calculation that’s 7+6+5+4+3+2+1 = 28. 28*4 = 112 hours to fully upgrade a store if you don’t get SUP from somewhere else. A little extreme, but it’s a good thing you happen across these SUP’s around the game.

You can task routine work as much as you want. You are originally given 1000 fatigue points and each routine you task gives you fatigue starting at 0. There is an option to “Take a Break” which reduces your fatigue by 24, but some routines cost 550 or so fatigue so you have to keep taking your breaks. There is also a recharge time and a cost time involved. This varies based on what medal or car you have on, the better ones obviously having less of a recharge and tasking time. This is a good way to get money, but this part can make you be online for a long amount of time seeing as the small routines are what give you the best return.

There are different types of employees. You can train your employees to be a higher level, have their talent be a higher level, or train them for a different industry. The further training on the employees is kind of a bad set up. There’s a HUGE chance you might fail and if you do, that’s the only chance you have for the next 24 hours. UNLESS you pay in gold, which pretty much means – if you spend money you’ll be fine, if not, cross your fingers and hope for the best.

I think this was BTO’s way of trying to put a competitive edge to the game. YOu can set up 12 of your best employees to go into an arena and “present” their way to victory. Pretty much a computer generated result based on the abilities of your team and the opposing team. Kind of weird. It’s ok, but could be better.

There is always a bug on this game. Every Monday for about 6 hours or so there is maintenance and I think my favorite part of the game is going through it and finding the new bug afterwards. They “usually” are good to fix it if you notify them, but it would obviously be much better if the bugs never happened in the first place.

All in All:
Like I said, I do like this game. It peaks my interest and I’ve played this one for a while, but I dislike the advantage that money players have. This is a problem with most RTS, but people will pay for their instant gratification and that’s what this industry preys on. I might even be guilty of it one day myself.

I think you should try it out. If you aren’t an RTS type of person, then you shouldn’t, but if you are, you might find it to be a nice break from civilization based games.

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