Did Treyarch Just Make Me Excited for Black Ops 3?

It’s been a long time since I could say that I looked forward to the next Call of Duty. Year after year, we were given the same game play coupled with a lame story about betrayal at the hands of an evil ethnic dude (‘Merica!).  This all might have changed with the release of the Black Ops 3 trailer.

I’m sure most people just think I’m some crazy Triple-A game hating little bitch that sits in a dark room and pounds away angrily at a computer yelling obscenities at “The Man”. While (most of) that is untrue, you have to at least admit the Call of Duty titles haven’t been anything amazing for the past few years. Every year was another drawn out campaign, the same rage-inducing multiplayer, with not much to differentiate between each release. I think Black Ops 3 might be giving me a spark of hope.

The trailer, set to ‘Paint It Black’ by the Rolling Stones, is found in the not-so distant future where technology and humans have come together in war. Players wear cyber suits that allow them special abilities like unlimited sprinting, wall running, double jumping, and swimming. They promise the moves can be chained together to create a parkour sort of action. Can you imagine? Run, wall jump, cannonball, BOOM headshot. Excited yet?

Black Ops 3 will also feature the first playable female lead in franchise history. The chick stuff, whatever. Yes, I’m a girl. Yes, I love Beyonce. It’s not that big of a deal to me, but kudos to them for making it happen.

I’m probably the most excited about the new campaign mode. They’ve added a 4 player co-op and, get this. It’s not linear. Players will be able to explore the area and branch off while also upgrading their character in classic RPG style. This means the game will be less about brute force pushing back the enemy and hoping that one bullet doesn’t fly into your head and more about actually playing the game. Why did this take so long to come about?

I suppose this does stray from the normal run-and-gun people have come to love with Call of Duty, but those people don’t really play campaign anyway and run straight into multiplayer. From what I see, you can still do that. It’s still the same spray and pray that make all the kids rage quit, but the added dimensions look like they might require more skill than normally is put into a first person shooter.

And don’t forget Zombies. That’s half the reason you get Black Ops. Not a lot has been said about zombie mode, but it’s rumored that there will be another campaign for this part of the game. Which, in my mind, means 2 games in one. Double bonus.

I think the only thing I’m “Eh” about is the beta access given to those that pre-order. I understand why pre-orders exist and I get that they provide good feedback for developers before the final edition is released, but beta access is for smaller companies that don’t have hundreds of employees and the money to pay people to find bugs in their game. It’s a gimmick, and a shit one at that. Get it together.

Scheduled for release on November 6th, 2015 I guess you could say that, at first glance, I’m pretty excited for Black Ops 3. I just hope they live up to the hype that they’ve put out there. It takes a lot for me to admit that I’m coming back around to a game like Call of Duty. Don’t disappoint me.