Dishonored Conspiracy Theories: Intro

If there’s anything that editing my Dishonored game play and walkthrough footage has done, it’s force me to watch everything in slow motion. I try to be an observant kind of gal (because I’m tiny and they’re snatching everybody out there) so I began to notice a few thing that just didn’t click right especially after playing as far through as I did.

The few things that just didn’t click turned into about 3 pages worth of notes and I wasn’t even done with the first mission. Everything turned into a conspiracy and I found anything to be a clue. There’s no doubt something weird is going on. Even if you rush through without paying attention to notes or NPC interaction; cities don’t just have killer rats running around and suspicious dead bodies piling up.

I did poke a lot of fun at the quantity of reading the game gave you the option to do. It’s actually not so bad and has its interesting parts. Especially when something catches your eye right before bedtime and you end up staying up all night crawling through all of the footage to find out what else you may have missed.

Being the kind of person that loves the challenge of solving a mystery, I decided to push my game play of Doom 3 back a few days to mold the story.  I think when a game interests you enough to make you want to play it again, it’s a successful game. The options given to you during the game are quite simple, but you never feel like there’s only one way to accomplish something. There’s a kind of guilty pleasure finding out that your whole environment just turned into Where’s Waldo.  It’s a delicious moment. It’s everything I could do to not sprinkle a little sugar on top and enjoy with a mug of coffee.

I feel like most of us don’t take the time to really dive into the storyline the first time through. Excitement, anticipation, or in my case, time constraints of having to move on to the next released game generally keep us from noticing what’s right in front of us. That’s how I felt with Dishonored. Even not having finished yet and determinedly refusing to think about Googling a synopsis, I’ve pieced together at least 10 different scenarios.

The Mockumentary I’ve conned the Dishonored Conspiracy Theories are  posts that will discuss everything in, what I hope, is how a normal problem solving timeline would progress. I could be wrong, though. I took a lot of discrete math in college. If you’ve ever been there, you know the logic you learned growing up was all a lie so you better accept it before you analyze that epiphany and off yourself.

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