CLARK Launches Greenlight Campaign

Once upon a time, there was a site with a podcast and that podcast invited the development studio making CLARK to be a guest. The development studio was all like yeah! And there should be alcohol! And the podcast was like yeah! We love alcohol! But then one of the hosts got sick and took cough syrup and ruined that whole plan. You can listen to said podcast here. 

CLARK has debuted their Greenlight campaign to bring the beloved Ouya game to PC, Mac, and Linux. Head over to Steam Greenlight and vote yes!

Key features:

  • more than 100 spatial puzzles in 25 levels
  • about 12 hours of gameplay
  • detailed comic-style visuals
  • dozens of interactive game elements
  • hilariously drunk robots
  • sexy nuclear bombs
  • buzz-killing, laser-shooting invaders
  • super-funky robot disco music
  • DRM-free
  • 2 years of development love (this feature adds extra karma when lighting us!)

Golden Tricycle plans on releasing a demo in mid-October for those interested in trying before voting. You can follow CLARK on IndieDB and Twitter for up to date information on what our favorite little robot is going to do next!