World eSports Day to Debut October 24th

As if we didn’t need another International Celebrate Something day, the first ever World eSports day will be on October 24th and plans on showcasing the good we can do in the gaming community while celebrating our love for eSports. Moving forward, World eSports day will take place on the second to last Saturday in October.

World eSports day is focused on promoting leadership, teamwork, and adds a little more social aspect to a very social-less 2020. A combination of the British eSports Association, Twitch, and the Singapore eSports association, aims to bring to light the positive aspects of gaming while also trying to dispell the negative stereotypes that surrounding it. They are encouraging everyone who participates to use the hashtag #worldesportsday.

Mark “Garvey” Candella, Director of Student and Educations Programs at Twitch, said: “World Esports Day is a celebration of community and opportunity. It’s a chance to highlight new, emerging, valuable and transferable digital media skills inherent in the gaming and esports industry, which often goes unnoticed.”

How to get involved

Why not organise a match against friends, host a podcast talking about esports or arrange a mini-tournament? The sky’s the limit.

To get involved:

  1. Click here
  2. Simply contact us on socials or via email with your event details
  3. Please also include your PNG logo (if you have one)
  4. Use the hashtag #worldesportsday and feel free to mention us on Twitter @worldesportday or Instagram @worldesportsday
  5. Add these logos to your stream, website or social page to show your support, and complete your activity on the day!

For more information, visit