Runescape and Runescape Classic Head to Steam

One of my fondest memories of childhood was sneaking into the computer room after my parents went to sleep, turning off all of the devices that made noises, and playing Runescape until the wee hours of the morning. Runecrafting was my money making hobby of choice and the Nature Rune shrine was in a perfect combination of both convenient and dangerous to keep me occupied for hours.

In a move to bring the iconic MMORPG on a more global scale, Jagex has made the decision to add Runescape and Old School Runescape to the list of games available on the Steam library starting October 14th. The Steam debut of RuneScape will offer bespoke membership packages and achievements, while a dedicated support team will maintain a RuneScape Community Hub for Steam users, including weekly announcements, guides, articles, artwork and videos.

Phil Mansell, Jagex CEO, said:

“Jagex is on a mission to bring the RuneScape universe to more players globally. Following our games’ arrival on mobile stores, we are now expanding the availability of the desktop versions. Making them accessible to the Steam community is an important step in achieving this goal. We’re excited to see RuneScape debut on Steam from October 14th and look forward to Old School RuneScape’s arrival next year, as we enable even more gamers to access and explore our rich and engaging living game worlds.”

As RuneScape approaches its 20th year of operation as an ever-evolving living game, the franchise has welcomed almost 285 million player accounts to its online fantasy world of Gielinor – and reported its highest-ever player membership numbers earlier this year.

The RuneScape Coming Soon store page is now live on Steam, where players can Wishlist the game and be notified as soon as it’s released.