Step into the Shoes of a Detective and Solve Intriguing Cases in ‘Shadows of Doubt’ – Now Available on Steam Early Access

Step into the Shoes of a Detective and Solve Intriguing Cases in ‘Shadows of Doubt’ – Now Available on Steam Early Access

Are you ready to solve complex cases and uncover the truth? Dive into ‘Shadows of Doubt’ today.

‘Shadows of Doubt’, an immersive crime-solving game that puts you in the shoes of a detective. With a variety of gadgets at your disposal, you’ll have to use your wits and investigative skills to track down a serial killer and solve a range of criminal cases.

In ‘Shadows of Doubt’, you’ll explore fully simulated cities and meet a diverse cast of characters, each with their own name, job, apartment, and daily routine. To solve each case, you’ll need to approach it your way – from scanning fingerprints to checking call histories, reading private emails to bribing citizens, there are multiple ways to gather information and crack the case.

For its initial launch into Steam Early Access, ‘Shadows of Doubt’ features ‘The Dead of Night’ – a specially crafted case to introduce players to the game – and a Sandbox Mode, with an endless number of cases to investigate and civilians to meet. With procedurally-generated cities to explore and a variety of equipment at your disposal, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the world of crime-solving.

ColePowered Games has also revealed a roadmap of free content and features coming to ‘Shadows of Doubt’ during Early Access, with a full 1.0 release scheduled for later this year. The first major update, coming in Q2 2023, will introduce a brand new side job, a new building type, and additional NPC interactions. Additional updates are planned for Q3 and Q4 2023, so there will always be new cases to solve and new challenges to face.

“I’m so excited to finally invite players into the world of Shadows of Doubt and delighted by the early press reaction to the game,” said Cole Jefferies, Founder & Director at ColePowered Games. “Shadows of Doubt has been a dream of mine for a very long time, so to finally see the game in players’ hands is an incredible feeling. I hope players love the game’s immersive crime-solving experience, and look forward to the additional content coming as we work towards a full 1.0 release.”

Awarded Ukie’s UK Game of the Show at gamescom 2022, Shadows of Doubt is available now on Steam Early Access. For more information, follow @detectivesim on Twitter or visit

About ColePowered Games
ColePowered Games is an indie development studio founded by Cole Jefferies, currently working on stealth detective game ‘Shadows of Doubt’. Previously developed city building puzzler ‘Concrete Jungle’.

About Fireshine Games 
Fireshine Games is a global publisher of digital and physical videogames based in London, England. Originally established in 2014 under the name Sold Out, Fireshine Games works with studio giants such as Team 17, Rebellion and Frontier Developments as well as introducing new indie dev studios to the world like Pugstorm, Stonewheat & Sons, Spiral Circus, ColePowered Games and many more – publishing for physical and digital distribution. Fireshine is also part of the EG7 group of companies. For more information on Fireshine Games and its upcoming titles, visit the official website at


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