Unveiling Firmament: A Captivating Puzzle-Adventure Game by Cyan, Creators of Myst and Riven

Unveiling Firmament: A Captivating Puzzle-Adventure Game by Cyan, Creators of Myst and Riven

Embark on a mesmerizing journey in Firmament, the latest puzzle-adventure game by Cyan. Immerse yourself in a steampunk wonderland, unravel intriguing mysteries, and unveil the secrets of three unique Realms and beyond. Get ready to explore an abandoned world brimming with captivating storytelling and breathtaking visuals.

Prepare to dive into the captivating world of Firmament, Cyan’s latest puzzle-adventure game. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing steampunk wonderland, where intricate storytelling and intriguing mysteries await. Uncover the secrets hidden within three unique Realms and beyond, as you navigate through an abandoned world that holds more than meets the eye. With breathtaking visuals and a richly crafted universe, Firmament promises an unforgettable experience for puzzle enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Explore a Fantastical Steampunk World:
Cyan’s Firmament presents a stunning steampunk universe, seamlessly blending fantasy with plausibility. Prepare to feast your eyes on awe-inspiring sights at every turn, as you delve into the deep world-building that Cyan is renowned for.

Solve Puzzles with the Adjunct:
Equipped with an enigmatic device called the “Adjunct,” you’ll navigate the Realms of Firmament and interact with various devices. Employ the Adjunct’s capabilities to solve intricate puzzles that will gradually unlock the secrets shrouded within this extraordinary place.

Discover the Story:
In your exploration, you won’t be alone. Accompanied by a mysterious apparition, you’ll unravel the narrative intricacies of Firmament. As you encounter three distinct Realms, each with its own enigmas and hidden truths, questions arise. What purpose do these Realms serve, and can the spirit guiding you be trusted?

Reveal a Realms-Spanning Mystery:
Are the Realms of Firmament truly abandoned? Across this captivating world, colossal and enigmatic machines dot the landscape, their purpose veiled in mystery. Your role in this grand enigma is pivotal. Embrace the journey of seeking and unearthing answers as you traverse the realms.

Built for Both 2D and VR Displays:
Firmament provides a flexible gaming experience, catering to both 2D and VR players on PC. With support for Free Roam and Teleport modes, as well as compatibility with Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Rift S, and Quest 2 via Oculus Link, you can choose the mode that suits you best. Additional comfort features, such as customizable turning options and enhanced vertical traversal, further enhance the gameplay experience.

Firmament beckons adventurers and puzzle enthusiasts alike to embark on a thrilling odyssey filled with rich storytelling, challenging puzzles, and an alluring steampunk aesthetic. With Cyan’s stellar reputation for creating immersive and thought-provoking games, Firmament promises to be an unforgettable experience. Get ready to unlock the secrets that lie within this seemingly abandoned world, and embark on an extraordinary journey like no other.


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